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It Was Great To Go Back And It’s Great To Be Back!

I spent most of the month of September back in Canada and had a good time visiting with friends and family.  I got my visa situation straightened out and now have a visa that allows me to stay here permanently with minimal hassles.

The highlight of the trip was watching my nephew Kevin marry Megan, the love of his life on September 29th.  It was a beautiful wedding and the reception afterward was tons of fun, not only because it was a great party with super food but it was a chance to catch up with all of the Peace and Hoover family cousins!

Good times for sure, but I was anxious to get back to my wife of only two months who was waiting for me back in Thailand.  We had a little celebration dinner with my Thai family when we returned from the airport and have settled back into our life in the country!  It’s good to be home again!


Boy’s Weekend!

Mai’s older son (nickname Man) turns 21 at the end of October.  We’ve been talking about doing some things together to get to know each other better and strengthen our friendship.  With that in mind, we’re having our first Boy’s Weekend!  I’m going to Khon Kaen, where he goes to university, tomorrow morning and staying for a few days.  We’re planning to go see some movies, do some shopping, eat lots and maybe drink a little and sit around and chat a lot.  Man’s English is very good so the conversations ought to flow easily!


The Thai Diet

One of the hoops I had to jump through while in Canada was to have my family doctor sign off that I was not afflicted with a short list of infectious diseases.  This required a visit to the doctor’s office where I was weighted as part of the check-in routine.  I noted the reading on the scale and asked my doctor about it.  It turns out I’d lost 7 kilograms since I was last weighed when I visited her last spring!

I have to note that this is through no effort on my part except to eat what I’m served, which consists of fish almost every day, platefuls of fruit and veggies and lots of sticky rice…and minimal snacks.  Mai does allow me to buy the odd small bag of potato chips, and I couldn’t help but to buy a tube of Lay’s Spicy Lobster chips.  They have such interesting flavours here; who could resist?

I’d probably do even better without the sticky rice, but it tastes so much better than plain white rice that I can’t resist it.

More soon!

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I retired after a 30-year career with an engineering consulting firm in Toronto and recently moved to Thailand to marry my fiancee of 10 years and settle down to an exciting new life. I'm an amateur radio operator (VE3HLS in Canada) and hope to become on here eventually. I'm also an amateur photographer and hope to be very busy photographing and showing you my beautiful surroundings. My blog will contain entries on all three subjects, so I hope you don't mind picking through the boring stuff to get to what interests you. Oh. About We live in Bueng Kan province, which is about as far as you can get from Bangkok as you travel northeast. I just thought it would be clever to combine my name with the province's name!

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. If you keep this up in a year or two you will be built like young Man!! You sister was up overnight Wednesday, we had a great visit. Unfortunately most of the fall leaves were on the ground, but still pretty. We drove into Algonquin Park from my place searching for moose ( unsuccessfully) then yesterday drove to the Park Art Gallery.


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