On My Way Home

For a visit of a few weeks to sort out my retirement visa and attend my nephew’s wedding. First we fly from Udon Thani to Bangkok. Spend the night there and then I (and not Mai, unfortunately) board a plane to Toronto at 8:45 on Sept 5th.

Lately, the trend in the weather has been for heavy rain overnight and in the mornings. To get ahead of that we decided to drive to Udon the day before and spend the night so we would wake up 15 minutes from the airport instead of 2 hours away (more if it’s raining). For $28/night for the two of us with breakfast included why wouldn’t you?

We arrived early enough to have time to have dinner and do a little shopping at Central Plaza mall. Mai doesn’t like parking in their garage because she’s afraid her pickup truck won’t clear some of the overhead obstructions, so we park on the ground floor, which is “special” gated parking for handicapped people; another area is reserved for VIPs, a third area is for sports cars and a final area is reserved for “supercars”!

Mai has developed a friendly relationship with “The Parking Lady” who acts as the gatekeeper to these special areas. She has seen me hobble around and will give us a handicapped spot if one is available. They were all occupied last night so she gave us a spot in the VIP area. We felt so special! We gave her a nice tip when we left!

The Do Not Start Engine In Parking Area sign left us a little confused. We started the engine anyway because I didn’t feel like pushing the truck out of the garage!

Nothing exciting in Sports Car parking but there was a shiny new Corvette from Laos and a (let me see if I can describe it) iridescent lime green metalflake painted Porsche in Supercar parking when we arrived.

That’s Mai’s pickup in the VIP area.

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I retired after a 30-year career with an engineering consulting firm in Toronto and recently moved to Thailand to marry my fiancee of 10 years and settle down to an exciting new life. I'm an amateur radio operator (VE3HLS in Canada) and hope to become on here eventually. I'm also an amateur photographer and hope to be very busy photographing and showing you my beautiful surroundings. My blog will contain entries on all three subjects, so I hope you don't mind picking through the boring stuff to get to what interests you. Oh. About bueng-ken.com. We live in Bueng Kan province, which is about as far as you can get from Bangkok as you travel northeast. I just thought it would be clever to combine my name with the province's name!

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