Around So Phisai

The countryside around So Phisai is incredibly green.  No wonder, considering all the rain we get!  We were lucky enough to get out for a while one afternoon without any rain.  It had rained that morning and as it turned out it rained again shortly after we returned home.  This is a great time to take photographs.  The breaking clouds make the scenes dark and moody and the conditions seem to intensify the colours as well.  I hope you enjoy these first few shots of the area.

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Around Bangkok

Bangkok is a bustling modern city.  Actually, bustling is an understatement.  The level of activity in Bangkok borders on madness.  There are also much older and quieter areas that are simply beautiful.  We didn’t have to walk far from out hotel to find plenty of both!

The Skytrain in Bangkok connects many of the business areas together. A fast and inexpensive way to get around.
Nana Station. The local Skytrain station at night. Sukhumvit Road at the bottom. Take the stairs up one level and buy your ticket. The trains run on the upper level.
Work goes on day and night.

The old part of Bangkok is just a few steps away.  Many large houses sit in walled properties with elaborate entrance gates on the side streets.  Some of the entrance gates look ancient, and some just look worn out.  I could see the entrance below from our balcony so I grabbed my camera and went to take a look.  The original gate had been replaced years ago and the current one wasn’t much to look at.  Many of them have a separate entrance that callers use.  That turned out to be my “shot”!  It was so old looking I decided to process the image to enhance the oldness.

Entrance door to a walled property on Sukhumvit Soi 7. The fancy gold coloured script is how you write the number 8 in Thai.

I spotted another walled property further down the street.  This wall had gap in it.  I spotted this collection of discarded pots through one gap and thought it made a perfect composition!

Unused clay pots in a garden in Bangkok.


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I have already been living in Thailand with Mai, my fiancée since early July 2018.  In that time we have gotten married after spending a few weeks in Bangkok figuring out the paperwork.  Then jetting off afterwards to Chiangmai for a short honeymoon.  After that, we flew to Udon Thani, which is a few hours away from our home and began shopping for the items we would need to make the home operational such as a TV, washing machine and basically everything for the kitchen and dining room.

Our house is in the small town of So Phisai, in Bueng Kan province, which is in the far northeast of the country.  The map below will show you where we are.


As you can see, we’re not far from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar…all sorts of fascinating places!  To date, we have visited a friend working in Myanmar and I spent an enjoyable weekend exploring Vientiane, the capitol of Laos several years ago.

Bueng Kan is a rural province.  We have rice growing across the street from our house and a rubber plantation behind us.  Elsewhere there are banana plantations, plus pineapples, papayas, coconuts, mangoes and sugar.  The Mekong River forms the boundary between Thailand and Laos, so we get plenty of fresh fish as well.

We’re finally settle in here and enjoying our lives together.  I get out and do a little photography when the weather permits, we’re in the summer rainy season now and when it rains it rains a lot!  I’m looking forward to exploring and photographing the countryside.  I also cant wait to get my radios set up and doing some listening.  I just need some critical equipment from back home.  I’m also looking forward to joining the Radio Amateurs Society of Thailand and working towards getting my Thai ham license so I can get on the air!

Feel free to comment on anything you see or read.
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