Around So Phisai

The countryside around So Phisai is incredibly green.  No wonder, considering all the rain we get!  We were lucky enough to get out for a while one afternoon without any rain.  It had rained that morning and as it turned out it rained again shortly after we returned home.  This is a great time to take photographs.  The breaking clouds make the scenes dark and moody and the conditions seem to intensify the colours as well.  I hope you enjoy these first few shots of the area.

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I retired after a 30-year career with an engineering consulting firm in Toronto and recently moved to Thailand to marry my fiancee of 10 years and settle down to an exciting new life. I'm an amateur radio operator (VE3HLS in Canada) and hope to become on here eventually. I'm also an amateur photographer and hope to be very busy photographing and showing you my beautiful surroundings. My blog will contain entries on all three subjects, so I hope you don't mind picking through the boring stuff to get to what interests you. Oh. About We live in Bueng Kan province, which is about as far as you can get from Bangkok as you travel northeast. I just thought it would be clever to combine my name with the province's name!

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